NumFOCUS Board Meeting Minutes

This site contains minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors of NumFOCUS, as well as a listing of all resolutions voted on by the Board.

All documents can be found via the navigation sidebar on the left. They're organized by year, most recent minutes first.

This site is separate from for a couple of reasons (e.g. the Board wants to keep its minutes in Git and be able to update this site easily when a new document is approved). It is linked from which contains the rest of the legal and financial documents published by NumFOCUS.

Content of minutes

What is NumFOCUS making public? This is a balance between legal requirements, operating transparently as a nonprofit, and keeping things that concern individuals, discussions with external entities that are in progress and other sensitive matter private.

At least every resolution (= board vote) legally needs to be documented in the official minutes and made public. On top of that, we normally make all discussion topics and a summary of each discussion public, unless there's a good reason to keep that private. In case of doubt, we aim to err on the side of transparency.

Feedback & questions

In case you have feedback on these minutes, spot obvious errors in the content or problems with the website, please contact either the Secretary of the Board ( or