25 Apr 2018

Minutes of a Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of NumFOCUS. All votes are reported in the form “(Y/N/A)” (in favor-Y‚ opposed-N‚ abstentions-A; e.g. “4-1-2” means “4 in favor, 1 opposed, and 2 abstentions”).

Participating: Andy Terrel, Leah Silen, Ralf Gommers, Jennifer Klay, Didrik Pinte

Not Attending: Lorena Barba

Approval of Minutes from last meeting: Approved (3/0/0)

Items Voted on by Email: -

Treasurer’s Report:

Executive Director’s Report:

Discussion Items

1. Affiliated Project Status QuTiP

Approval of Affiliated Project Status for QuTiP: As requested they have adopted and added a CoC to their website.

Approved (4/0/0)

2. Board meeting times

Lorena’s request, follow up via email.


Liability information: Didrik checked, similar limited liability in France as in the US. Document on next steps was discussed.

4. John D. Hunter Plotting Contest

Funding of $2250 approved for this year (4/0/0).

5. Sustainability Program

6. NumFOCUS Board Chair

Because Andy will now be paid by NumFOCUS and will need a contractor agreement, Andy proposes to name a different Chair of the board to avoid a conflict of interest. Board vote (4/0/0): Ralf will be the Chair going forward.