12 Sep 2018

Minutes of a Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of NumFOCUS. All votes are reported in the form “(Y/N/A)” (in favor-Y‚ opposed-N‚ abstentions-A; e.g. “4-1-2” means “4 in favor, 1 opposed, and 2 abstentions”).

Participating: Andy Terrel, Didrik Pinte, Ralf Gommers, Leah Silen, Gina Helfrich (observing), Jennifer Klay, Lorena Barba

Not Attending: -

Approval of Minutes from last meeting:

https://github.com/numfocus/numfocus-board/pull/21 (status as of commit 1296f5b660081c872cfab744a7fe7b4675830581)

Approved (4/0/0)

Items Voted on by Email: -

Treasurer’s Report: -

Executive Director’s Report: Discussion on Cantor’s request for affiliated status: they’re part of KDE, it makes more sense for them to be supported by the KDE org rather than by NumFOCUS. It’s also a quite small project, probably doesn’t meet our bar for accepting a project.

Resolved to work with the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) on matching grants for the small development grants. Approved (5/0/0)

Discussion Items

1. Board meeting minutes website

The process to approve board meeting minutes and resolutions was discussed.

Approval to publish minutes website:

2. NumFOCUS Platform proposal

Andy presented a proposal that is under discussion with a possible sponsor.

3. NumFOCUS Summit


Forum Speakers have been confirmed:

4. Insight Software Consortium Fiscal Sponsorship Application

Sponsorship application submitted by the Insight Software Consortium was discussed.

Approved (5/0/0), pending the correct legal dissolution of the ISC nonprofit.

5. Governance discussion regarding new board selection

Feedback has been given to the people who emailed about the selection process. At the Summit in two weeks time we will have a session on how NumFOCUS is governed, in order to give more people the opportunity to voice any ideas and concerns.