25 Oct 2018

Minutes of a Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of NumFOCUS. All votes are reported in the form “(Y/N/A)” (in favor-Y‚ opposed-N‚ abstentions-A; e.g. “4-1-2” means “4 in favor, 1 opposed, and 2 abstentions”).


Board members: Jane Herriman, Andy Terrel, Sylvain Corlay, Katrina Riehl, Stéfan van der Walt, James Powell, Lorena Barba

ED: Leah Silen

Observing: Gina Helfrich

Board Members Not Attending: none

Approval of Minutes from last meeting: Tabled

Items Voted on by Email or Github: none

Executive Director’s Report:

Highlights discussed include the launch of the NumFOCUS swag shop, dealing with infringement of project trademarks by an external organization, and updates on multiple corporate sponsorships coming through. Limitations on the use of corporate sponsorships, i.e. whether or not Facebook funds can be used on projects not in the dependency tree of PyTorch and Caffe 2, were also discussed.

President’s Report:

Highlights discussed include work being done to bring in sponsorship for the NumFOCUS Infrastructure Grant and conversations with potential partners for creating a solution provider program and a data science/AI initiative.

Treasurer’s Report: Q3 Report and Budget Update will be emailed.

Discussion Items:

a. Affiliated Project Applications

Individual board members were assigned to review applications from Yellowbrick and ArviZ to streamline processing of these applications for the rest of the board. These reviews will include assessing whether each project meets the criteria for NumFOCUS Affiliated Projects.

b. The deadline for Small Development Grants is this Sunday; by the next board meeting, proposals will be available for review.

c. Resolution: Lorena and James will serve as co-Chairs.

Approved 7/0/0 **

** Leah will check that appointing co-Chairs works with NumFOCUS bylaws.

d. The Annual Conflict of Interest Policy Statement was discussed.

e. We did not have much time to discuss PyData NYC and LA.

f. Progress on creating NumFOCUS EU was discussed. French-language bylaws have been drafted and how the NumFOCUS EU board will be constructed (or if a new board even needs to be constructed) is to be determined.

g. The current board meeting time will persist.