25 April 2023

Minutes of a Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of NumFOCUS. All votes are reported in the form “(Y/N/A)” (in favor-Y, opposed-N, abstentions-A; e.g. “4-1-2” means “4 in favor, 1 opposed, and 2 abstentions”).

April 25, 2023

Attending: Sylvain Corlay, Logan Kilpatrick, Katrina Riehl, Noa Tamir, Stéfan van der Walt

Executive Director: Leah Silen

Not attending: Rosie Pongracz, Larry Gray, James Powell

Discussion Items:

a. Round 2 Project Application -

i.  PETSc

ii. Sponsored Project Applications_230415

iii. [PETSc NumFOCUS Signatories](https://petsc.org/release/community/governance/#numfocus-signatories)

iv. Stefan will champion

b. Inactive Project Review

i.  Shogun

ii. Arliss will open a GitHub issue, the project looks abandoned

c. Nteract

i.  Logan and Katrina will ping people

d. Financial Administration Capacity Building -

i.  QuickBooks/Open Collective Integration - Logan  

e. Board Retreat times

i.  We have not blocked the specific times yet