22 November 2023

Minutes of a Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of NumFOCUS. All votes are reported in the form “(Y/N/A)” (in favor-Y, opposed-N, abstentions-A; e.g. “4-1-2” means “4 in favor, 1 opposed, and 2 abstentions”).

November 22, 2023

Attending: Sylvain Corlay, Logan Kilpatrick, Larry Gray, Rosie Pongracz, Katrina Riehl

Executive Director: Leah Silen

Not attending: James Powell

Weekly Updates:

Vote or Approval Needed

  1. Copy of our 2022 990

    a. Board members should review last years 990

    b. Vote to approve needed at next board meeting

  2. AI Alliance LOI -

  3. Small Development Grants Report - 2023 Round 3 SDG

    a. No action needed on the board side other than to review the projects funded.

    b. Leah will follow up with the SDG committee and ask for an executive summary of this and future reports.

For Review

  1. 2023 Q3 Board Financial Reports

Discussion Items

  1. Continued strategic planning

    a. Timeline