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Documentation and in-progress work of NumFOCUS's sustainability program.

DRAFT - 2 June 2017


Date & Location

The first NumFOCUS Open Source Sustainability Workshop will be co-located with the NumFOCUS Summit and will take place 10-11 October in Austin, Texas. IBM is hosting us.


My goal is to have 1-2 representatives from each NumFOCUS sponsored project attend the workshop. Members of the SAB who would like to attend are welcome to do so. This first workshop is not open to the general public. We hope to expand the audience for this workshop series in subsequent iterations.

Additionally, I would like 2-3 subject matter experts in attendance who could provide relevant feedback as needed, particularly during the last two peer-led sessions. One or two of these could come from the Sustainability Advisory Board, and I also have some ideas about external folks to invite.

There is a budget for covering participants’ travel costs.

Structure & Content

The Sustainability Workshop will have four parts, one before the workshop and three at the workshop:

Attendees should participate in all three parts of the workshop.

Day 1 kicks off with 5 minute lightning updates from each of the projects. Think of these as “state of the project” reports with respect to sustainability. Christie and Gina will guide project reps in the preparation of these presentations ahead of time so they are well-polished and similarly structured. Parts 1 and 2 of the Sustainability Workshop will commence after lightning talks.

Day 2 kicks off with a brief welcome and then has time for updates from NumFOCUS staff as well as QA or roundtable discussion with staff and project reps. Next will be Part 3 of the Sustainability Workshop. The last two sessions of Day 2 will be peer-led, unconference style, where project leads can collaborate about how to meet the resource and knowledge gaps identified during the Sustainability workshop. The day will close with a wrap-up and feedback session.


At the conclusion of the Sustainability workshop, attendees will have:

Materials developed for the workshop will become part of the OSNAP kit. Roadmaps developed by the project leads will be collected, summarized, anonymized where appropriate, and shared as proceedings of the workshop.

Furthermore, Christie will use the proceedings of the project to help set the next year’s Sustainability Program roadmap.


Note: Other meetings may be scheduled concurrently with schedule below, depending on needs and space availability.

What follows is Christie’s draft for sustainability-focused portion of the Summit.

10 October - Day 1

11 October - Day 2