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Agenda template for 1-on-1 meetings

Agenda template for 1-on-1 meetings#

Personal update#

You can start the 1:1 meeting by asking what the mentee feels and other information outside the task/project (more like an icebreaker).

As a mentor, you should take the lead by sharing so your mentee feels comfortable to follow the lead. Please keep in mind potential cultural differences when sharing to ensure everyone is comfortable with the topics discussed. Here are a few suggestions that you would like to start the meeting:

  • Summary of the week (outside task/project)

  • Share weekend fun activities (this helps both parties to know more about each other’s interests)

  • For remote mentorship, share updates on the season, weather, and how you feel about it

Ongoing project(s)#

You can just ask about the project’s current status, inform yourself about its progress, and offer valuable support. Here are some questions that can help guide the conversation

  • Progress in any area?

  • Are there specific skills you want to learn?

  • Do you think you’re comfortable with the project’s current direction?

  • What have you struggled with?

    • Which struggles have you managed to overcome?

    • How? Is there anything that could be improved to help with the process for the next time you are blocked?

    • Do you know which requires extra help and discussion?

Career guidance/expectations#

  • New thing you learned

  • Upcoming events you’re interested in (workshops, conferences…)

  • Acknowledge and appreciate the effort of the mentee.

  • Share with them resources and introduce ways to make their work better.

  • Give intentional and constructive feedback.

  • Reassure them of their growth, impact, and potential.

Wrapping up#

Check if there is anything that needs to be re-evaluated. It is important to ensure the initial goals, timeline, frequency meeting are still valid.

Don’t forget to ask at the end of the session, “Is there anything else you want to talk about?”