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Mentee onboarding checklist

Mentee onboarding checklist#

  • Introduce yourselves, get to know each other and your motivation to be here

  • Define the scope of mentorship

  • Define timeframe and regular commitment (how often will you meet, how many hours a week you are expected to dedicate)

  • Define communication channels

  • Define a long-term goal of the mentorship, what both mentors and mentees would like to achieve at the end

  • Share general expectations of each other beyond specific tasks and time commitment. For example

    • Participation in the broader community

    • Logging or blogging about the mentorship

    • Private versus Public communication

  • Set a few short-term goals for the mentorship to start with (e.g., in 3 months), more can be added throughout the mentorship

  • Make sure your mentee have access to all the tools and information they need to get started

    • Relevant communication channels

    • Write permissions on things they’ll need to modify

  • Clear all doubt: Remind your mentees that they are expected to ask questions, and let them know how often you expect that (you can clarify whether the questions can be asked off-line)

  • Remind everyone that there is a CoC and how to report if there’s any issues

  • If your mentorship is scoped around completing a task or project, review timelines and goals

  • Do they have any questions?